Sunday, June 17, 2007

Postcard Size

Thanks for the comment, yes they are postcard size, havegot more on Flicker.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Postcard Bug

I was so sure that l was not going to do postcard art as my excuse was that l only work on big wall hangings and couldn't work small but l got the bug in the end and made this collection and thought l would just make another three.
Then l was sorting out my sheers and chiffon yesterday in a box on the top shelf and underneath the sheers there was' 20 ' fabric postcards started and backed, l cannot remember starting any, if l had l would have never cut some of my favorite hand deyed fabric up to go on the next three l was making.
So l have cought the postcard bug or its cought me.

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Ebay Shop

Am doing well the last few weeks, opened a new group and have also opened a new ebay shop.
The reason why, was l just could not get my new Babylock Embellisher to go with my textile work and l tried lots of different ways so sold it to a friend but was left with a big box of silk tops, roving ect there was no way l could use it up so put it cheaper and a lady has started by buying a rainbow silk tops, with me loving colour l had bought some real pretty ones so anyone intrested have a look.
The shop is called 'Jill Smith Arts' l am also going to start selling rubber stamps and if it works out will be selling small packs of different things in for experimenting with or for workshops so it will save people buying large amounts of things.


I said when l gave my other group after four years l would never start another as it took four years of my life but !!!!!!
I looked all over for groups on textile and fabric arts but counldn't find any, most of the good ones are not on yahoo's public list so its not easy to find one other than the sewing machines that do the work for you or cross stitch and paper arts , so if you are a bit further on and have done courses there doesn't seem to be anything.
So my new group is called 'All things fabric' which covers a lot and we have a lot of nice friendly and helpfull members.
I am doing some small workshops on subjects we are chattering about so am hoping this group will fill the void.
So if anyone wants to join and the link at the top will not work , just leave me a message and l will get back to you.
Just found out that blogger thinks the url had illegal characters in it but it was completley right so in case of problems this the groups link,

Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to make a esy tote bag

Easy Tote Bag.
You need the following;
A piece of hessianor something firm the size of your bag, but the size has to be a double
length as there is no seam in the bottom. Felt is ok to use as long as its
firm felt.
A strong piece of fabric for the lining, same size as hessian.
Braid or a woven strip for handle.
Lots and lots of yarns, cords, ropes, anything thats chunky that you can
couch on to the hessian..
Piping wide or strong tape or braid.
How to do it;
First turn over a small hem at top and bottom of the hessian and hem stitch
Now sort all your cords, yarns, ect in rows of your own colour choice and
starting from one end of your hessian with a chunky cord or braid, couch it
down in a straight row. Now carry on down your fabric strip doing exactly the
same with no gaps .
When you have done this part, measure the length of the handle you want and
hem it to the wrong side at the top and bottom. Its a good idea to go over
this with a machine as if you are going to put a lot in the bag , the handle
needs to well attached.
Now get your lining fabric and tack it to the wrong side of the hessian, then
go round it with the machine but use strong thread, button or quilters
Now turn your bag inside out and hand stich some tape or wide piping up the
side seams to cover your stitching up.
And thats your bag all done, if you want to make it glitzy sew some beads
that tone with your colours.

Of to eat now,

Monday, April 09, 2007


I have just opened a new group called 'All things Textile' it was supposed to be called Textile and art quilt artists but aol would let posts to me but not out as they were to long. But l opened it as l have been searching all over for a group that was mainly about textile and and new ways of usng it, most of the groups seem to miss it out so if you want to join this is the link,


Now l have some textile and art quilts on the way to be finished l am starting my online classes up again and below there is a list of them all, go on treat yourself and learn some great techniques, and the best thing is there cheaper than last year. EACH ONE IS TWENTY POUNDS ......................only

Fabric Dyeing - introduction in dyeing fabrics.
Soldering and Sealing.
Shiborie Delights.
Fantstic Techures on fabric.
Making Art Journals
Tempting Tyvek.
Layering and textures.
Free Motion Embroidery.

From Scraps to a Wall Hanging.
How to make an Art Doll.
Foling Embossing and texture on Paper.
Make a Doll
Fabric Collage.
A Book in a Box

Thursday, March 29, 2007


This is my Fragment sale, great bargains, look below the two top pictures as bloger published below. You can frame them or put on the front of a bag/purse or on a cushion front.Were £35 each but now £10 each and a extra bargain below but that is just while there is enough as some have gone.


Yes having a 'SPRING SALE' l need some space in my studio and was trying to do one side yesterday and found some of my fragments that l had forgot about.
It was when transfering came out and l transfred some vintage pictures and quotes. They were £35. 00 each and now am going mad and have reduced them by £25 so anyone who wants to buy any there now £10.00 only. Buy 3 and you get a free one.Overseas they will be a very small shipping as there very light